Summer 2016 Ona wants to convey all that the aquatic environment has provided him a life, a passion, a desire, a way to make and also a conviction.

Living in harmony with the water is what Ona wants to transfer to the new generations and why announces a structure of coexistence between kids from 6 to 16 years in a magnificent facility.

From Juliol 2 to July 9 80 kids will settle in the SEK CATALUNYA INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL to do all kind of activities in the natural aquatic environment with Ona’s presence and its coach from CNSabadell (Ona’s Club). You will also notable athletes swimming, synchronized and sport, all friends of the wave.

Activities: synchronized swimming, water and related natural environment, orienteering, archery, modern dance, association games, night games, trekking, swimming, networking activities, inflatable, other.

We have a group of very interesting gifts and coexistence with Ona Carbonell.

Choose the desired mode

Full board 595 euros overnight.

Full Board without an overnight stay 545 euros.


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  • Residence
  • Sports Center more than 2,000 m2 amb track Polivalent
  • 4 basketball camps
  • 1 189 m2 Frontó
  •  outdoor track on patins d’hoquei
  • 1 Camp soccer 8.353 m2
  • 1 Pool coberta climatitzada 25 meters
  • 2 pistes of tennis
  • 1 Polivalent Room 1.000 m2
  • 1 fitness
  • 1 living taekwondo
  • 1 living Psicomotricitat
  • 1 living dansa
  • Patis és surface of 13,163 m2